Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rhyme and reason

There's a reason we do everything ourselves,
 for we never seen any construction elves.

We find it's best to plug along,
 when we wait for others it seems all wrong.

We'll do it our way and make it our own,
 because waiting for you has made us groan.

He built you a deck to pay for your time,
 but you haven't come so I made up this rhyme.

Now the time has passed for you to do your role,
 so come finish my wiring and we can meet our goal.

I just want to live in my own little home,
 so could someone send me an electrical gnome?

I'm sorry you've had to read my prose,
 but sometimes this is how the Crap Shack goes.

In case you can't tell from my little poem, our electrician was a no show again. This is why you never ask family to help. No worries though, we'll find a way to finish. We always do. On the upside, the plumber comes tomorrow and we know he'll show up. At least the electrical is 85% done and it shouldn't be bad to get it finished up. It's just frustrating when someone doesn't show up, and doesn't call.

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