Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tile dilemma solved!

Some of you may know that my kitchen tile was driving me bat-shit crazy. When I found something I liked, I couldn't afford it. When I found something I could afford, it was backordered for months. It was becoming this frustrating circular process, always leading back to a kitchen with no floor. Honestly for a moment I was considering putting down some green astroturf (at least temporarily) and calling it done. The kitchen floor was holding up everything, and we are SO CLOSE to being done. Without a floor we couldn't install the appliances, or get the plumbing finished. It was all looking very bleak. (Okay, I'm being a little dramatic)

We decided to try a new tile store. Word to the wise, stay away from big box stores when looking for tile. You can find a better selection, better quality, and most of the time a better price than the box store. Plus you end supporting a small business. Anyhoo, we headed on over to Batts Tile to see if our tile was to be found. It was! We found an amazing black,silver,and copper tile in a 12"x24" size that was perfect. It was on sale, which made it even better! Now the tile hase been installed and it is looking amazing. All that is left is grouting the floor. Then it's on to installing appliances, and finishing the plumbing! I will post a picture when it is completed, but here's a taste.
This is a pretty good representation of the color of the tile

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