Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An end is in sight!

Why haven't I written anything in a while? Well, we have been super busy. Things are really taking shape. I finished the tile in the bathroom, Clay got to the countertops installed in the kitchen, and he's been installing trim and crown molding throughout the house. We've been working on picking out paint colors. It's all coming down to the details. Next I need to tile the kitchen floor. Then we have to get the plumber in and the electrician in to do their final work. Clay said the other day we could be done in about 3 WEEKS! Weeks, not months. It's hard to believe an end (or temporary stop) to the work on the Crap Shack is at hand.

 In the meantime here are some photos. I will take pictures of the kitchen progress tomorrow and get those posted.

Shower tile complete!
Bathroom floor complete!


  1. Wow that floor looks amazing. You are the bomb dot com!!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to how the kitchen turns out.