Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ready for cabinets and tile

Things have moving along. The kitchen box has been wired for appliances, and the drywall has been hung. We put a coat of primer on the walls and it's really beginning to look like a kitchen. Our next step is to put the cabinets in the kitchen and start putting up tile in the bathroom. We also finally picked a tile for the kitchen floor. Once the cabinets are in and the tile is done, we really won't have much left to do. It's very exciting! I guess after working on the house for almost a year, you never really expect an end to be in sight. We bought the house on January 6th, 2012 and we won't be done by our anniversary, but it will be darn close.
The kitchen box is ready for the next step and so are we.

Since we bought this house there has been a running joke around the Crap Shack. Anytime someone asked us when we were going to be done, we always said "Two months." Now it looks like that answer may be fairly accurate. I am not really looking forward to the moving part though. There will be lots to pack and even more to sell. At least we'll finally be in our new home in 2013, so I'll deal with the moving part.

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