Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Trim debacle Part 2, aka I think I have it now

So there has been some issues picking a trim color, nothing was really right. I tried the multiple colors. The one I liked the best in the first go around was bright, so I would not be able to use it for the trim on the whole house, maybe just around the door. So now this is where my internal debate comes from. Today I went and painted some trim a nice cream color. It was the last color I wanted to test and I think it looks nice.
Then I tried it around the door. Still nice, but I may like the bright yellow color around the door. Here is a side by side comparison. It seems like the yellow color makes the orange stand out more. Although I think they both look nice. Thoughts?

This one gives a more complete look at the front
I'm not sure why this particular decision has been so difficult for me when all the rest of the choices I've made have been fairly easy. Picking out fixtures, tile, and appliances? No problem! Picking siding color? No problem! Even the door color was pretty easy. Yet the trim has been the bain of my existence recently. Oh well, it will get figured out. Eventually.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trim debacle

Oh goodness gracious, picking a trim color has been more difficult than expected. I have tried at least 5 colors so far. A grayish blue, bright orangey yellow, dark gray, forest green, and a light gray, Nothing has worked, or come even close. So now what? Well the next color to try is a cream color. It seems so boring but it's a trim color and has already taken up too much of my brain power. Let's hope this one works out. So frustrating!

PS. The mirror will cost about $41 to fix, and hopefully FedEx will pay for it. If not at least it still keeps me under budget for the medicine cabinet.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adventures in online shopping

Let me start by saying, I have found that I am great at searching out a bargain. Between Craigslist, Ebay, and various online outlets I have found some fantastic deals on unique items for the house. I have saved thousands on appliances between Craigslist and the Sears Outlet. I am thinking I missed my calling as a professional shopper.

Recently on Ebay I found a great recessed medicine cabinet from the 50's with an outlet inside and sidelights. It was perfect! We are going for a combo of retro and modern styling in the house. It's shaping up to be beautiful.

I received my package last week with the cabinet inside. It was one of the best packing jobs I had seen! Placed inside a wooden crate with bubble wrap and "Fragile" stickers all over it. The first thing I thought of was A Christmas Story, it was my major award. Alas, there was no leg lamp inside the box. So we began to unwrap the package.
So much bubble wrap!

Then I saw this...
Oh man, what the heck happened? This thing was wrapped perfect. We were so bummed. I contacted the seller and luckily it's insured. So now we get to fight FedEx for some reimbursement. We should be able to get the mirror fixed easily enough, but it still sucks. I place no blame on the seller, he did a great job trying to make sure it got to me in one piece. Either someone intentionally threw something on the box to try and break it, or since it was so heavy it accidentally got dropped. Who knows. Now it's time to see if we get some money to fix it.

This is what it looked like before shipping.

On a another note, I am working very hard to pick a trim color for the outside. It's not going well. I'm not really finding anything I really like. Back to the drawing board on that one. I think I will need to do an art project with all the test color samples I have at the end of all of this.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now on Facebook

Recently I have been told multiple times that people stalk my personal Facebook profile to look for pictures of the house project. Today I decided I was going to devote a page to the project. In the first few hours I'm up to 24 likes. So here's the link if you want to check it out. I will get better about updating this blog again.
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