Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We've been working hard

Finally we are getting close to closing everything up on the inside. Clay ripped out all of the plumbing in the house. When we looked at the original 4-inch drain only about an inch of space was left inside for water to pass through. After inspecting the other pipes it was decided that it was best to go ahead and replace the plumbing now, rather than having to open up the walls again a year from now when the plumbing finally gave out. It added some time to our timeline, but it will save some headaches down the road. The house has been rewired (it really helps to have connections in the electrical world), and it is also now wired for overhead lighting and a ceiling fan in the living room. We changed the bathroom door to a pocket door. Since the bathroom is so small it really will be a space saver. We found this great old fire extinguisher cabinet and we are going to make it a recessed medicine cabinet, complete with a outlet on the inside.

The tile for the bathroom has been picked out and purchased. Things are really starting to move along. Clay finished up the plumbing, so now we have water! That means tile work and painting can begin as well. Now it's time to start putting everything back together.

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