Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to the drawing board

Went to Cabinets to Go, and it was over $2K for cabinets. That's not going to work, considering we are going to paint them once we get them. It seems silly to spend that much and then paint the cabinets. We might end up building the cabinets ourselves. It might just be easier in the long run. The idea for the kitchen is a high gloss granny smith apple green for the base cabinets, and a high gloss white for the wall cabinets. We are undecided on whether to do a concrete countertop or a butcher block countertop. We have picked an awesome fake marble tile for the floor, and a really neat tile for a border. The hardest part is finding cabinets. Sigh.


  1. Perhaps too late, but did you look at Habitat for Humanity Re-Use Center on Raleigh Blvd?

  2. We look there regularly, and the one in Cary. We may end up just building custom cabinets.