Friday, March 16, 2012

Back to the drawing board

Went to Cabinets to Go, and it was over $2K for cabinets. That's not going to work, considering we are going to paint them once we get them. It seems silly to spend that much and then paint the cabinets. We might end up building the cabinets ourselves. It might just be easier in the long run. The idea for the kitchen is a high gloss granny smith apple green for the base cabinets, and a high gloss white for the wall cabinets. We are undecided on whether to do a concrete countertop or a butcher block countertop. We have picked an awesome fake marble tile for the floor, and a really neat tile for a border. The hardest part is finding cabinets. Sigh.

Moving forward...

We have been working hard on our little crap shack, trying to make it a home. Things have been moving forward. The addition has completely been removed, foundation and all. We have gutted the bathroom, removed the kitchen floor, and created a pass-through between the kitchen and the living room. The addition is gone foundation and all, we are back to the original house. It's sturdy and well built, as most homes were in the 50s. We replaced the back door and the alarm system is hooked up. Appliances have been bought, all that is missing a stove. We have hauled away four 30-yard dumpsters, and one 10-yard masonry dumpster of debris. Lots and lots of trash!

While removing a wall we found this hiding behind the drywall
It must have been there since the house was built in 1953, how neat is that?

We called in a plumber to check out the house for upgrading the plumbing. They came back with an estimate of $2250. I guess that's not bad, but we have decided to attempt it ourselves. Clay has some plumbing knowledge and we have some plumber friends to guide us (they don't have the time to work on our house right now, and we need water sooner rather than later). We'll see how this works out. After all we are doing everything else, so why not this? We are not your average home remodelers. Clay has almost 20 years construction experience, and I have remodeled a house before. Plus I'm a fast learner, so we aren't going in to this project blind. It just seems like there is so much to do. It really boils down to only two rooms now, the kitchen and the bathroom. 

To make up some time for doing the plumbing we may just buy kitchen cabinets, instead of making them. That was our original plan. So we have been pricing that out. Cabinets to Go seem pretty reasonable and we are considering using those cabinets. At least I have been finding us some great deals along the way. This house should turn out pretty nice with not too much money spent on it, just the way I like it.

We also got the yard mostly cleaned up, that made a big difference outside. Especially since it's spring and the flowers are beginning to bloom. I am interested as to what actually grows in my yard. It's like a springtime surprise. Our neighbors have told us we have one of the nicest yards on the block. Goodness, I hope I can keep it up.

So there it is, a little update from Stevens Road. It's been a lot of cleanup over the past month, so not much progress that looks good in pictures. But 5 dumpsters later it's really coming along.