Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It has been an interesting first month of renovation realities. We tore down the awful addition on the back of the house. Eventually a new one will be put up in it's place.
You can see why it had to come down, the floor was 5 1/2" out of level, it had to go. Now it's gone!
Now there was a slight problem when we bought the house, an open electrical permit. We thought it was for the power pole to be reconnected to the house. Not so. Turned out that addition had un-permitted electrical work, so the electric company refused to reattach service to the house until it was resolved. It wasn't that big of a deal since we were going to take down the addition. The problem was, we had to tear it down without electricity. That definitely made the process more difficult. We rented a generator when we absolutely needed power. This week we were finally able to get the permit signed off, and we officially have power! Now we can finish the clean up and start thinking about the inside. Yay for power!

This past weekend we pulled up the old floors in the kitchen and the bathroom. Four layers of linoleum in the kitchen and two layers in the bathroom, plus an extra sheet of plywood in between for both rooms. Yikes! We also found a barely used fridge and possibly a stove. It may start looking like a real kitchen soon.

Today I ordered the tile for the bathroom. Once we get the water turned on I can start tiling. I think things will begin picking up pace now.

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