Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some ideas

We have come up with a few ideas for our little crap shack. We have to start from scratch in the kitchen, so we can do anything we want. The idea is to have the base cabinets be a high gloss granny smith apple green. The wall cabinets will probably be white, after all you don't want too much green in a kitchen. There will be a butcher block countertop. Ikea has some great prices on wood countertops! The idea for the floor is white tile, with a blue/green glass tile border that will match the backsplash. Although behind the stove I have found this awesome lucite panels in bright colors so there would be a green panel behind the stove. It should be lovely, if we get it all done. Right now the front porch has those wrought iron handrails and posts. They are painted and I just don't like how it looks. We will eventually replace them with wooden posts and handrails. There is a bar that has given us an idea for the posts. If we put lighting inside the posts and do similar cutouts, it should give the look of porch lanterns. I think it could be a real neat effect.
So there are a few ideas that are bouncing around in the brain. It's going to be a lovely house.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A little rundown of the week's events (a pictorial)

On Jan. 6th we finally closed on a house. This is it:
Most of the house is in good shape:
Although there isn't a kitchen:
And the electricity was in the yard:
Someone put an extension on the house, but it didn't seem right. Turns out it was 5 1/2 inches out of level, and there was mold:
So over the past week, we investigated and found the problems:
So we decided to tear it down, rather than save it. It's more cost effective in the end:
Today the dumpsters arrived, and things are getting cleaned up:
We've had some issues getting electricity in to the house. There is an open electrical permit from the previous owners. Part of the problem was with the addition we tore down, so that part is solved. This is going to be a tough project. We're not investors, we're homeowners. This house is for us. With the foreclosure price of $53K, it gives us some money to do the repairs. Neither one of us make a lot of money, so this project is on a tight budget. We have some great ideas, lets see if we can make them happen!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finally a crap shack to call our own!

This blog is going to change. Why? Because we were never able to buy the house on Sasser, as far as I know it is still in the foreclosure process. All is not lost! We were able to find a house, and closed on it this past Friday. It's a foreclosure, and has been vacant for at least a year. In the first week, we have already begun the demo process. More to come!