Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the waiting game

Well it's been a couple weeks since we submitted our offer. No answer from the bank yet, that's expected with a short sale. This time around I'm not stressing about it at all. If they take my offer, awesome. If not, oh well, I had already mourned the loss of that house. I do know there are no other offers, so that makes me hopeful that they will say yes. Hopefully it won't take 3 months this time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forgotten, but not gone.

Honestly, I had given up on Sasser. I didn't think I was going to put another offer in on the house again because of all the stress and heartache I went through the first time. This did not mean I didn't keep an eye on the listing. I was curious if anyone else would buy it, and for how much. Two weeks ago I get an automated email saying the price had been lowered. It was $17K less than my original offer. Last week I get another email saying the price had been lowered again. It was now $42K less than my original offer. It definitely peaked my interest. The funny thing is, we had just found another house that we like only a few blocks away and were trying to figure what to offer. We put that house on hold and decided to put an offer in on Sasser again. It was $57K less than my original offer. If they were willing to drop the price $25K in a week, maybe they would consider going down another $15K. It doesn't hurt to ask. Right?

Now it's a week later and we're back in that awful waiting game that comes with a short sale. You never know, I might get this house after all.